The Rajdev Family

Devoting their wealth to fight against poverty and deprivation

How to dedicate your life being selflessness with a true spirit of giving is tied in the knot of the Rajdev family

Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) Father
The owner of the family

An eminent business owner and a great philanthropist devoting his wealth as charity and welfare to uplift his society

Apart from the great initiatives for the well-being of society, Rakesh Rajdev (Gujarati: રાકેશ રાજદેવ, Hindi: राकेश राजदेव) has founded trading companies in Dubai.


APM Capital

With extensive expertise in trading, company offers various secure and safe solutions for trading high-quality bards of silver/gold bullion. One can invest physically in bullion which is fine in quality and meets international standards.

APM Bullion: Physical Gold and Silver bullion trading company located in Dubai

Courtyard by Marriott: Rakesh Rajdev’s New Collaboration in Hospitality industry with Marriott International, the 5-Star “Courtyard by Marriott, Batumi” in Georgia (operated under a license agreement from Marriott International, Inc.)

rakesh rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) with family
The western Indian state – Gujarat is the spot of a highly prosperous and generous Rajdev Family. Philanthropy is the leading and versatile trait spreading over the whole family. God has blessed this family with honour, wealth, and all life essentials with an act of great courage to share such bounties to the most deprived class of society that’s living from hand to mouth. Rakesh Rajdev being the owner of this family, leading their two young ones along with his spouse. They are also moving in their footsteps and are pleased to help the needy and poor people in their surroundings.
Rakesh Rajdev’s father – Partaprai Rajdev (Late) is an emblem of kindness and humanitarian. His entire life has been devoted to coping with the deprivations of society. How to share your wealth with those who cannot meet their livelihood is the premium life lesson he taught his progeny. By leading a fully dedicated and devoted life in order to uplift the socially deprived class, he was devoid of life in 1996. He was gone, but the noble steps taken by him are still alive and carried on by his beloved son – Rakesh Rajdev.
Rakesh Rajdev (રાકેશ રાજદેવ) Father
rupal ben rajdev close up
A housewife, a working lady, a social activist, and a philanthropist, the wife of Mr. Rakesh Rajdev – Rupalben Rajdev has a great significance in the Rajdev Family. Although, she is a director of two leading companies in India. But along with this, she remains indulged in being a helping hand for the downtrodden of her society. She always stands side by side along with her husband to be a strong partner and assist him to carry on this benevolence for humanity. In this matter, both (Rakesh Rajdev & Rupal Rakesh Rajdev) have been running a social welfare organization in Rajkot, which is acknowledged by the government as well.
What makes us distinct

Glimpses of Courtesy

Having a great spirit to take initiatives for the wellbeing of others in this self-centered social norm is surprisingly a gigantic step taken by the Rajdev Family

Own a Three-Star Hotel in Dwarka

There is a three-star hotel owned by Mr. Rakesh Rajdev in Dwarka, with the name of Roma Kristo Hotel.

Primarily such well-reputed hotels are assumed as the hub of elite class' gatherings. But this is not the case here. Its door is open for both upper as well as lower-class individuals of society.

The savory dishes are warmly welcome to all to entice their hearts by reducing their deprivations.

The Cornerstone of a Social Welfare NGO

In the tribute to his father Partaprai Rajdev (Late), Rakesh Rajdev had laid the cornerstone of a social welfare organization - Kanuda Mitra Mandal, in Rajkot, in November 2011.

Owing to the great cause, this NGO has assisted multiple needy and deserving persons and families.

Mr. and Mrs. Rakesh has ensured the food supply to various underprivileged areas and educational endowments to the school-going children.

Humanitarian Spirit in COVID-19

The Rajdev family, being humanitarian, made sure to provide financial coverage to various deprived individuals and families during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The laborers and daily wagers were provided with meal boxes, grocery packages, and sanitizing materials. Besides, it was made sure to reach the immigrants to their hometowns. Medical assistance with beds, sanitizers, testing kits were also provided to the hospitals and medical complexes. Thus, almost all social sectors got leveraged by the humanitarian spirit of the Rajdev family.